Lomi Lomi Massage 

the Loving Touch or "Loving Hands" is a form of healing massage expressed from the Heart,
that originated in ancient Hawaii

LomiLomi Massage

Aunty Margaret called it ’praying work’, with a loving touch. 

As it is the connection of heart to heart, and the divine in us connecting to the divine in another, that speaks through the Lomilomi healing massage touch. 

Physical strain, emotions, limiting beliefs can block energy flow, which are reflected as muscle tension at different levels in the body.  Lomi Lomi helps release the blockages and, simultaneously, gives the energy new direction. Thus Lomi Lomi is not just a physical experience; it also facilitates healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Aunty Margaret, my “Kumu” (teacher, source), gave me the permission to practice and teach lomi lomi. Aunty made lomi lomi famous throughout the world. People came from all over the globe, to learn and to be healed by the healing methods of Hawaii through Aunty.

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How is Lomi Lomi practiced?

A Lomi Lomi session usually begins with the practitioner's hands gently resting on the client's back. In this stillness the practitioner will quietly say a “Pule”, a blessing or prayer asking for whatever healing is needed to take place during the massage. Additionally, the client may be asked to set their intention for any healing they would like to receive. The body-therapist then works very intuitively with the client. In this respect there is no set format or sequence for the massage and no two massages will ever be identical. The massage is given in fluid, rhythmic motions. Some people have described this as feeling like gentle waves moving over the body. Different parts of the body may be massaged at the same time, e.g. one arm or hand may be working on a shoulder and the other hand may be working on the opposite hip. This assists the recipient in relaxing and thus releasing tension, while increasing the flow of blood circulating in a specific area of the body.   The two -point movements create a key element of Lomi Lomi to release pent-up tensions, as it is impossible, or at least extremely difficult, for the brain to focus on the two different areas at once.

In the ancient view of healing, energy also gets blocked in the bones; the iwi, and joints. Gentle stretches of the body and gentle rotations of the joints are incorporated to assist the release of tensions and assist the flow of energy, not forcing, but feeling the level of the client's resistance or comfort. The rhythm of the massage movements, and the varying depth and pressure help to release the hewa; one’s troubles in the body, and ease the flow of energy, through the healing touch.

Lomi Lomi has been passed on from generation to generation, in Hawaiian families and was not taught publicly. Aunty Margaret Machado considered it important to teach this art of massage, and the philosophy which connects with the spiritual nature within us.

Kahuna Aunty MargaretFor many years, Aunty Margaret taught her Hawaiian healing classes on her lanai; the porch of her house which looks out across the ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii. From the porch you looked across the grass under the coconut trees, to see and hear the sweet sounds and rhythms of the ocean, which touched your heart and hands as you did the massage. The waves of the sea are elements of the movements of the lomilomi massage.

It was on this porch, that I learned massage from Aunty Margaret, through her direct instruction. Many times, her instruction was done through massaging her. It was learning by doing. She radiated a powerful compassionate presence and depth of being. Aunty taught that the knowledge and insight into an individual,  was revealed first in their faces as they walked up the driveway to see her. 

It was from the depth of her inner knowing, and her perceptive loving being, that I learned the art and healing of lomilomi, and was given permission to teach and practice the healing art of Lomilomi.

Aunty Margaret’s Motto is "Love the body as if it were your own"

"Lomi Lomi is praying work“

The essence of Lomi Lomi is


Alo = to connect, with the presence of

Ha = breath of life, of God

The call of the islands, of this magical healing area of the Big Island is where I built my home in Hawaii, and a healing retreat, for family, friends, and other teachers to teach and do their healing work with people from all over the world.