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Our Approach to Healing

Dr. Bonas provides comprehensive chiropractic, acupuncture and mind-body practices experience for her patients by combining multiple techniques including diversified, adjusting, DNFT [directional non-force technique], and activator, and sacro-occipital technique (SOT), AK, TBM and allergy elimination techniques. She adjusts not only the spine but the whole body, while using muscle releasing techniques to facilitate a greater response. Dr. Bonas has a gentle yet effective adjusting style that is suitable for adults and children of all ages. 

She has taught massage, movement, and soft tissue techniques which support relief of muscle tension and the underlying stress, creating great comfort and ease to many conditions which still may be under medical care. Dr Bonas has many years of experience treating Elders, and those who are severely ill, depleted physically and in pain. She has been successful in relieving many different symptoms and helping patients to experience relief from long standing pain, who may currently be on medications for their conditions. Dr Bonas’ healing touch, and kind words and capacity to listen and hear, your deepest concerns and needs while helping her patient’s to feel more comfortable, and feel better longer while restoring their vitality.

Dr. Bonas is dedicated to serving and shifting the paradigm of our care of elders, all who are aging and ill in our family and community by using a multifaceted approach to wellness care, using specific techniques to facilitate an individual’s pain relief, offering meditation and mindfulness  care with compassion and a depth of perspective into living fully. Dr Bonas has 30 years experience of keen insight into health and being well, meditation practices, increasing energy, and restoring a feeling of peace and confidence. 

Dr. Bonas has worked with many indigenous people and elders. She is the founding director of Yumtha MettaCare Center for conscious living and dying, which is an educational training center, for professionals of all fields, general public, and home caregivers in the area of compassionate carte and training for wellness and end of life care, in Sebastopol, CA.

Private Appointments

Private appointment opportunities include spiritual and creative counseling and healing guidance for individuals and small groups.

Healing Opportunities

Individual and community consultations are available to people suffering serious illness or emotional stress who wish to enter and be guided onto their healing paths. Story provides medicine ways for diagnosis and response.  Individual healing is seen to coincide with healing community, culture and the soul ecology.  

The goals are:

“In the past, the world was thought to be flat, many currently view life and consciousness as all there is. They hold to a view that there is nothing beyond the horizon of life, missing the sacredness of life, the intimacy of death, and the continuation with the connection of consciousness with the one who has gone before them. When holding onto the view of duality, this and that, you and me, here and there one misses that power of connection of oneness that is as palpable as life and as profound as the greatest spiritual experience one could ever have, as they open to a vastness of love and compassion which can deeply transform their lives forever.”


Mentoring can include committing to a course of study and soul exploration that calls for individual work, meditation and contemplation, visioning, questing, informed ritual and ceremony, among the formless forms. This work focuses on the means of aligning with Self and the soul, particularly alliance with conscious living and dying, and respect for all beings. Mentoring focuses on identifying the path that is most beneficial for an individual’s needs circumstances, background and desires for working with oneself or others, in a professional or home setting with friends or family.

No matter what the particular focus, individuals seeking mentoring will devote themselves to becoming interpersonally more aware with a broader perspective and view of existence while becoming skillful in the ways of compassionate care for family, friends, professional training so that they can guide and inspire others through their capacity to be mindful and present in offering compassionate care to another. Please see Dr Bonas for additional information on the mentoring program.

Consultations in clinical settings

Every doctor and heath care provider has their area of specialty, and wants to offer the best possible choices of healing and guidance to their patients. Often doctors confronted with their patients issues of facing grief, loss of health, dying and death are out of the scope and comfort zone of a doctor. Or they simply do not have the time in their practice to comfort and guide their patient through the deeper concerns of aging, illness and dying that are presented by their patients. Dr Bonas works with doctors in their offices consulting with the patients using a team approach, or individually with the doctor to better address their patients when confronting issues that we all will see in greater numbers as the baby boomers age. B. Boomers are facing these issues themselves, as well as being in the middle of caring for their elder parents. Financial worries, health concerns are creating a high level of stress while caring for an aging, ill parent or spouse, are often complicated with the added emotional stress of dealing with someone with dementia and Alzheimer’s. And this stress is going to propel them into our offices to relief these stresses.

The Baby Boomers more than any other group in our society, look to their holistic, alternative healthcare provider for relief of physical, emotional and spiritual concerns. Compassionate care and guidance of end of life issues for patients, and training professionals has been the work of Dr Bonas for more than 25 years. She now offers consulting services in clinical settings for the doctor, and/or their patients. Dr Bonas comes to your office as part of your clinical team, and she makes appointments in her office for consultations of your patients.

Fees by arrangement.

Some of the teachers and people who have guided Dr Bonas:

Pomo Elder: Native American story teller and song healer, teacher and friend. Gave her his teachings and blessings, and prayers to “open the way” of healing and connection. His stories taught many years ago, still teach and guide her in her work today.

Hawaiian Healing: Dr Bonas is a Lomi Lomi Massage practitioner and instructor, taught by the famous Lomilomi healer, Aunty Margaret Machado.  Dr. Bonas was giving permission to teach Lomilomi by Aunty Margaret.

Dr Bonas is a teacher and practitioner of La’au Kahea, “the Calling Medicine”;  ancient temple healing practices that were passed to Dr Bonas, aka Noe’, Noe'keala, when she was adopted by a Kahuna Pule, a Hawaiian temple priest, who passed on these teachings to her, to continue these sacred teachings.


Dr Thynn Thynn: Buddhist Theravadan Tradition


Sae Taw Win Dharma Foundation: Dr. Thynn Thynn is a Burmese born retired physician and Dhamma teacher. She is mother of two and is the resident yogi at the Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Center in Northern California. Dr. Thynn is a clear and direct teacher, sharing her wisdom and knowledge of the essential practices of the Buddha that are important for “Daily Living.” She has on-going classes and programs at her center.

Dr Thynn



http://yumtha.org/images/joan_halifax.jpgJoan Halifax Roshi:  Advisor for our Being with Dying Programs

Joan Halifax Roshi is a Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, anthropologist, and author. She is Founder, Abbot, and Head Teacher of Upaya Zen Center, a Buddhist monastery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She has worked in the area of death and dying for over thirty years and is Director of the Project on Being with Dying. For the past twenty-five years, she has been active in environmental work.

A Founding Teacher of the Zen Peacemaker Order, her work and practice for more than three decades has focused on engaged Buddhism.

Our compassionate Care, and Metta Care Professional and Home Care, and public trainings, have been inspired by the ‘’Being with Dying: Professional Training Program in Contemplative End-Of-Life Care,’’ created by Joan Halifax who offers a model of training which offers a depth of preparation and inspiration to professionals and home care givers. The Upaya program, while allowing each individual the encouragement to engage with compassion within themselves, it opens us to an inner sense of ease and confidence, enabling us to be fully present, when sitting with individuals who may be facing life threatening challenges, or their family and friends with greater awareness and compassion. We are happy to model this program and the teachings, and integrate it with our compassionate care and training programs.

We are pleased to have Roshi Joan Halifax as an advisor to our Compassionate Care training programs.

You may find out more about Upaya programs with Joan Halifax at www.upaya.org


Yvonne Rand: Meditation teacher and lay priest in the Soto Buddhist Tradition

Yvonne Photograph © Wayne Heldt
Yvonne Rand

Yvonne Rand is a meditation teacher and lay priest in the Soto Buddhist Tradition, she teaches many classes that reflect clear knowledge and experience, her teachings are thought provoking, and serve as a guide to one’s inner resources and wisdom.

Yvonne teaches “Meditations on Dying and Death”, and performs a “ Jizo Ceremony, for Children who have died”, and many other dharma teachings. The depth of her practice and her keen mind and heart are gifts to her teachings and wisdom.



Tsultrim Allione M.A.


Tsultrim Allione M.A. is one of the first American women ordained as a Tibetan nun in 1970 by the 16th Karmapa. Watch for her teachings around the world. Tsultrim is the Author of “Women of Wisdom,” recorded the teachings “The Mandala of the Enlightened Feminine,” which address how to transform “encumbered patterns,” and illuminates the wisdom and the sky-like awareness of the Dakini’s, and much more.

She is a profound teacher of our time... "Cutting through Fear" and permeating the "Prajna Paramita."

Her CD’s “Cutting through Fear” is based on a Tibetan practice of Chod (literally meaning “to cut”), developed by the Tibetan Yogini, Machig Lapdron, almost 1000 years ago.

Dr Bonas, calls this practice, and contemporary use of the’ Chod’, “Buddhist Gestalt”. It is a practice for our inner liberation. Tsultrim is an emanation of Machig Lapdron.”



Khentrul Lodro T’haye Rinpoche: Teacher of the Phowa practice, and guide for compassionate presence, with the dying and after death. http://katogcholing.com

Roshi Joan Halifax: Zen priest and scholar, Teachings of “Being with Dying” BEING WITH DYING: The professional Training Program in Contemplative End-of-Life Care has long been dedicated to fostering a revolution in care of the dying. This unique program provides clinicians with essential tools for taking care of dying people with skill and compassion, as well as sustaining resilience and dedication as they serve others. This unparalleled program brings together, in a unique and powerful way, wisdom and practicality to the very sensitive and inevitable experience of encountering the end of life.
- Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD Project Founder & Director 

Therese Schroeder-Sheker- music-thanatology
Using harp, voice, word and image, Therese Schroeder-Sheker conveys the work of the Chalice of Repose Project and its emphasis on contemplative musicianship and music-thanatology. Drawing upon 36 years of clinical and spiritual work at the bedside of the dying, she describes awareness of human mortality and dying itself as integral to the whole of human life and biography.

Dr Bonas has worked with music-thanatology for the past 25 years. She often uses music to bring comfort, ease, and connection to those who may be ill and dying, recalled from an individual’s early spiritual and religious experiences. These early often childhood memories   can often offer a pathway for the heart to find deep comfort and ease through the inner work of music-thanatology, which opens us to the grace of transformative outcomes.