"Metta" means loving-kindness

What patients are saying....

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"I’m 85 years old, still drive in Santa Rosa area. I lost husband 2 years ago, then my daughter’s husband to cancer a month ago, and now my daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. A friend mentioned that I should go and talk to Dr Bonas, as she helps many people look at issues of living and dying in a very insightful, compassionate and caring way.  I called her and made an appointment, she listened to all that I needed to say, and she helped me to remember the strength of spiritual connection that I had as a child. Her way of listening and talking, helped me by guiding me through these painful losses and experiences, in a way that helped me remember and feel my own connection to god. It was better than talking to my minister."
Vivian P., Santa Rosa Calif.

"I can still drive to see Dr Bonas for treatments to relieve my lower back pain, or sometimes I have shoulder and neck pain. She always helps my 96 year old body right up. I like to see her once a month for what I call a tune-up of this old body. I used to golf and I loved dancing. Now, I walk the dog, play bridge, do a little gardening and cook healthy meals."
Dorothy B., Guerneville, CA

"I go to Dr Bonas because “I’m old, and I want to feel better.” my aching hip and leg pain, always feels better after Anna works on me. I have osteoporosis and old fractures in my back.  A friend drives me to Dr Bonas’ office; she also gets her back and shoulder worked on by Anna. "
Helen F., Santa Rosa
I’m doing pretty good for 97 years old...Getting old isn’t for sissies. Anna helps me in so many ways, I feel better just talking with her.

"Walking keeps me healthy and my bones strong..
I love to walk on the local walking paths.. There are times that I twist my lower back…get pain in my hip..aching muscles that make it difficult to walk…Dr Bonas…Anna, helps me get back my stride, and pain free again, with her gentle adjustments, and relieving pain through working to release the muscle spasms…..I am thankful that I have found someone that I can trust who has many years of experience working with patients, with osteoporosis."
Catherine S., Sebastopol, CA

I have gone to Anna, Dr Bonas for many years off and on to help resolve back aches, knee injuries caused by my love of gardening and carpentry. Recently, I my PSA levels were getting higher, and other symptoms related to my prostrate were going on… so of course, I consulted Anna for her insights and work, thankfully I’m fine now and my PSA levels are normal.
Ron M. 69 years old. Santa Rosa

I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, I was in shock.  Dr Bonas in our first visit helped me to release the shock, so that I could take in what my doctors were telling me about my options in medical treatment. She helped me emotionally, spiritually and physically to feel better on all levels, and has been a major support through all of my care, as well as being there for my family. I am so thankful that she is in my life.
CR 54, Santa Rosa CA