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Enjoy Life More Fully:: Transformational Life Coaching

How can Transformational Coaching help?

It can help you get to where you are headed... along with where you stand

Transformational Coaching unlocks potential in individual processesDo you want to Live Your Most Extraordinary Life?
Would you like to be in alignment with your innermost desires?
Would it be beneficial for you to recognize what is holding you back?
Do you believe your life would be extraordinary if you achieved you innermost dreams?

If so, I'm excited to share with you through transformational life coaching a synthesis of techniques and abilities

that I have used for more than 40 years working with people from all over the world

to help you release what you would like to release and achieve what is most important to you.

Thank you

Dr Anna Bonas DC LAC OMD

Most of us feel that our lives could be shifted here or there, in ways that would help us in to reduce stress, physically, emotionally, or to answer some deeper call inside. Are you ready to transform your life? Improve your relationship? Embrace greater happiness? Move beyond your challenges? Tap into your body’s Hidden Talents, Create Greater Passion and Win from Within. Dr Anna Bonas has been helping people feel better and create greater wellness, and is passionate to help you transform your life with Transformational Coaching.

Has your relationship become routine? Would you like to feel more refreshed and enlivened? Is there an issue that you’ve learned to live with?  Are there any buried issues, which if brought caringly to the surface and resolved, would  bring even greater ease, happiness and intimacy in your life and  relationship?  Even good relationships can become better.

Joy through Transformational CoachingMany of us have come to know that learning never stops. At every stage of our relationships we have something to offer each other…something that can bring aliveness and excitement at being together. Young or old, in the beginning of a relationship, or comfortable with each other through the years, there may be areas that you would like to enliven. You are invited to an interview with Dr Bonas to determine if you would like to see her individually or join a small group to explore how to bring greater mindfulness and awareness into your lives individually and together.

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